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Product Overview

ANM9001-4 are EoC(Ethernet over Coax)Masters with the access function of CATV(cable television) and internet broadband data. They can implement hybrid output of internet data signal and CATV signal through cable television distribution network to realize co-cable transmission of television programs, voice signal and internet content.

ANM9001-4 adopt the latest Qualcomm Atheros 7410 solution, providing PHY rates of 700Mbps and up to 350Mbps of throughput over Coax in coaxial network.

        ANM9001-4 have built in PON ONU module, which can support seamless linkage with OLT and transform the passive optical signal output by OLT into standard Ethernet signal and then module it from Ethernet signal to RF signal that can be transmitted in coaxial cable. ANM9001-4 adopt OFDM technology to ensure the reliable data transmission in a complex network environment.

    ANM9001-4 have a optical interface for 1310/1490/1550nm optical fibers(or two optical interfaces, video and data are separated) carrying CATV ,data and voice signal and ANM9001-4 can modulate these optical signals to RF signals which can be transmitted by a coaxial cable.

ANM9001-4 have built in 1 EoC modules. And every EoC module can connect up to 64 EoC terminals according to bandwith demand.

ANM9001-4 have built in network management module(s), which support remote network management can enable you to log in ANM9001-4 with WEB/SNMP/TELENT. And you can use it for centralized management on the connected EoC terminals such as QoS setting, encryption setting, statistical and status information inquiry and software upgrade.

        ANM9001-4 occupies low frequency band under 65Mhz and has no collision with the current CATV system frequency, which can decrease mutual interference. Besides, it supports the current CATV network of tree and chain architecture, enable long distance transmission and enjoys high bandwith and good network adaptability. It completely meets the requirement of Triple-Play of broadcasting and television system.

        ANM9001-4 are coated with Aluminum and have the broadcasting and television conventional waterproof shell for outdoor installation which makes it suitable for outdoor wire-lashing installation convenient for operation.


Product Features

Ø         Adopt B3G/4G communication’s OFDM technology

Ø         Correspond with IEEE HomePlug AVIEEE 802.3 10/100/1000 Ethernet, IEEE 802.3ah standard

Ø         Built in CATV RF and EOC signal mixer

Ø         In the model of multi-module, every EoC module connect each other with Giga switch network to ensure high bandwith needs

Ø         Support OAM management based on IEEE 802.3 ah protocol

Ø         Support Forward Error Correction(FEC) and Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation(DBA)

Ø         Support G.652 single mode optical access, SC/PC flange plate interface

Ø         Network Management Function

n          After Logging in ANM9001-4, the user can remotely its under-connected coaxial cable EoC terminal

n          Support management with SNMP/CLT/WEB/TELNET/SSH

n          Support remotely upgrading and local management with serial port

n          Support SNMPv3 protocol,SSH2 protocol

n          Support comprehensive network management developed by Richerlink

n          Support IEEE 802.1Q Tag-Based VLAN

n          Support Qos function

n          Support mutual-isolation the terminals with the same EoC master

n          Support terminals download/uplink speed limitation

n          Support IGMP

n          Support white list function

n          Support broadcast packets/unknown packets suppression

n          Support terminals MAC address quantity limitation

n          Support VLAN division and management

n          Support port mirro function

n          Support overlength frame and abnormal frame detection

n          Support remotely upgrading function and log record function

Ø         Built in lowpass filter to separate data signal and TV signal

Ø         Support up to 128 coaxial cable network unit access

Ø         Built in high quality power module, steady and reliability

Coated with airtight aluminum shell that resist  water and dust and have highly efficient cooling effect




Product Specification



EoC Module

One Qualcomm 7410 EoC mater modules



Transmission Speed


Homeplug RF

Occupied Bandwith:7.567.5MHz;Output Power:≥110dBuV


Occupied Bandwith:87-1000MHz;Input Return Loss:>16dB;

Insert Loss:≤1dB  Flatness:±0.75dB

C/N:≥51dB-1dBmN; C/CTB: ≥65dB;C/CSO: ≥60dB

RF Output Signal Level: ≥110dBuv

Optertical Character

Data Optical Interface:1 PON interface, single mode, FC/PC

Data Optical transmission Wavelength: 1310nm

Data Optical Receiving Wavelength:1490nm

TV Optical Receiving Wavelength:1100 to 1600nm, typical 1550nm

TV Receiving Optical Power:-7dBm to +2dBm

TV Receiving Optical recommended Power: -3dBm to +1dBm

TV Optical Interface: Single, FC/APC

Connection Type

F breakthrough Connector(inch/metric optional)

RF Impedance


Standards Compliance

IEEE HomePlug AVIEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3x, IEEE 802.3u Auto MDI(X)

Remote Management

Support remote WER management, TELENT, SNMP; Support centralized management on all connected EoC terminals



Coding Mode


Modulation Mode


Transmission Distance


Encryption Mode

128-bit AES







Operation Temperature

-2565 ℃

Storage Temperature

-4070 ℃

Operation Humidity

10%90% non-condensing

Storage Humidity

10%95% non-condensing