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EPON + EOC is China’s chip industry new opportunities
Release Date:2010-5-18 14:27:51  Clicked:4334

During this year's CCBN exhibition, many companies are showing an EPON + EOC technology, which is wired Upgrading and Transforming Network of technology solutions to one of the last two years, more and more are beginning to cable network operators in. Business operators have had such an account, according to what China has 170 million cable TV subscribers, each household network transformation to calculate the cost of 1,000 yuan, then transformation of China's Internet market will reach 170 billion yuan. Although this market can not and mobile phones, computers, televisions and car industry, these high-profile compared to large, but compared to other applications is also a big market for the. Therefore, if EPON + EOC network transformation technology in the future is widely accepted, it will give some domestic chip companies bring new development opportunities? 

Look at the EPON market, not only in the domestic cable network upgrade has been widely mentioned, but also the domestic three major telecom operators 3G network construction and related operations were pioneered. But as another of the more mature GPON optical access network, GPON's voice increasingly high, its called the future trends. But anyway, the current layout of EPON in the country to be ahead of GPON, 10GEPON in the country has begun a large-scale construction. From the chip supplier in terms of the mainstream in China, supplier of EPON only three, namely, PMC-Sierra, Teknovus (this has just been acquired by Broadcom) and Cortina, GPON chip suppliers are not under 10. But both GPON or EPON chip supply, in addition to a few domestic enterprises can provide optical transceiver chip, the internal core of the PON optical communications chip market is almost empty. Because our future will certainly become the world's largest optical communications markets, technology accumulation and characteristics of some enterprises, to strengthen the development of PON chips should be independently is required. 

EOC look at the market, at present there is no uniform standard in this market, but also in the "warlords melee" situation. The market generally have three kinds of EOC technology that reduced frequency WiFi, MoCA and HomePlug technology. From a cost point of view, different conditions and methods of calculation can be quite different conclusions. From the technical characteristics point of view, advantages and disadvantages of these three kinds of technology are more apparent. Chinese radio and television operators from the current acceptance, the three kinds of technology is equally matched. Some radio and television operators and even use both of these techniques. In chip supply, in the Chinese market, the leading provider of reduced frequency is Atherous WiFi WiFi chip companies that, HomePlug is a leading supplier of Intellon, and MoCA is the main chip supplier Entropic. As the market is still in its infancy, in addition to WiFi technology, the other two technologies are not many companies supply chips. But this market can intervene then? We see it has several disadvantages: the process technology is still survival of the fittest, who will eventually be mass adoption is still no conclusive; no interoperability testing; no middleware standards, collaboration between the chips and software have large fee brains. Therefore, in the EOC market, the domestic chip companies should also wait for some more time to wait for survival of the fittest, or the introduction of industry standards related to using the best steel in the knife's edge.